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Andrew Adams is an accomplished and versatile independent writer, director, and producer based in Los Angeles. He recently premiered his debut feature film, AMERICAN MELTDOWN, at Chattanooga Film Festival, where it took home the "Best Feature" award. His writing has placed in the quarter- and semifinals of the Academy Nicholl Fellowships, and he has multiple projects listed in Coverfly's Top 1% of unproduced screenplays. He has directed commercials, branded content, dance videos, and narrative work for Disney XD, Crypt TV, and Universal Studios' Hollywood Horror Nights. Andrew's adventurous spirit also led him into a career as a travel videographer, where he produced videos in over 25 countries across six continents. 

His overarching objective is resolute: to create genre-spanning narratives in exciting locales that entertain audiences while engaging with contemporary issues and progressive themes. According to ChatGPT, Andrew Adams is more than a filmmaker—he's a visionary storyteller with a mission. "As he embarks on a future illuminated by captivating narratives, his unwavering dedication to crafting immersive tales that entertain, provoke thought, and inspire reflects his commitment to enriching the world through the transformative power of cinema."

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